When was the last time you picked up Yellow Pages to find a product or service?

Not long ago, the Yellow Pages & Books were the first place you looked – now it's search engines.  The Internet is changing the sales game.   More and more, consumers and business rely on search engines of Google, Yahoo and MSN to locate companies to do business with, thus changing the way organizations attract and retain customers.   That is why is Google’s & Yahoo stock values are in the billions.

Don’t call me – I’ll call you

If you have been using lists, direct mail, telephone solicitation and/or salesman to attract customers – you know it’s very tough to get a return.   The Internet has empowered customers to look before they leap.    When they are ready to buy they jump on the web, enter a few keywords, and start their search.  Eighty percent (80%) look no further that the 1st page of the search results to seek out a trusted vendor.    When they are unsure which company to do business with many make inquiries via the web to help narrow their search.

A few will pick up the phone and call - most prefer to fill out a web form

Here are a few reasons:

  1. Businesses are not open 24 hours – the web is.
  2. People would rather not engage in conversation with a sales person until they have the information they need to make an informed decision.

You will find that if you ask the right questions on a web-form you can quickly qualify a lead; follow-up in a timely manner and make more proposals that have better chance of closing.

Asking the right questions   

Asking the right qualifying questions saves everyone time.  You know a good prospect  - they provide the answers you are looking for.  We can also save you time by only sending leads that have answers the questions that meet your criteria. 

Your leads are exclusive 

There is nothing worse than trying to call a prospect that has already heard from 1/2 dozen sales people.  Prospects get overwhelmed and confused.  We do not resell the same leads.

What we do and how we serve you

We build customized top ranked websites targeted specifically to generate returns for our customers. 

  • Customers buy leads at a negotiated "per lead" rate depending on the industry and the popularity of our sites. 
  • Leads are sent to you via email "the moment a prospect completes an online inquiry form" from one of our websites. 
  • The email lead will contain detailed information regarding their inquiry so you can qualify the lead before contacting them.
  • We allow you to login, and also void bad leads so you only pay for valid ones.
  • Typically, your budget needs to be between $75 to a few hundred dollars per month for our program to work.

Getting Started

After we receive your inquiry form, we'll send a proposal.  If we believe we can produce we'll ask you to make a deposit via check or credit card to get started.  No contracts - cancel anytime and we will refund any unused monies you have on account.

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